Fan blog for Prince Hans Westergaard from Disney's Frozen. A compendium of fan art, fanfiction and other things related to the thirteenth prince of the Southern Isles. If you have anything you want to share or you just want to talk about this freckled ginger life-destroyer, hit up my ask/submit anytime.
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I don’t feel like drawing lately, but since I haven’t uploaded anything in quite a long time, imma put this unfinished sketch of Hans here


Really quick doodle hoping no one was watching me draw Hans’ glorious booty.


I am sorry for the spam but I just had to show you Hans’ face in this cap. “peekafuckingboo i see yooouuu 8DDDDD!!” 



I’m trash.jpg


Hello yes I have finals in one week so have some 30min Hans vent art, because I’m so done.

Defense Attorney!Anna and Prosecutor!Hans battling it out in the courtroom with record-breaking degrees of sexual tension. Anna gets a shot of thrill between her legs every time Hans yells "Objection!" and Hans can't help but notice the flush of red in her skin when Anna argues back. When they do finally consummate their attraction for each other, they have an unspoken rule to not discuss their cases or clients. (Ace Attorney trash that I am).


Gee, this sounds awful similar to a conversation I had with prince-hans-pants over chat once… (hehe)

But oddly enough, the thought of Hans yelling “objection!” is kind of hot…

I don’t know what else to add to this, as it’s perfect the way it is. (Though, I confess that I’ve never played Ace Attorney. Oops. *blushes*)

Although, I bet that after their attraction has been consummated, Hans and Anna would deliberately do little things or say something in a certain way to get the other person flustered - building the tension up to a point where they can barely get through the door of their apartment before they’re tearing each others clothes off and kissing like mad. (Maybe even still throwing jabbing remarks at each other such as “how could you do that in front of everyone? You’re so unprofessional!” or “you did such an awful job today, were you distracted by something?”)

Imagine lawyer!Hans arguing a case in front of judge!Anna. He knows that she isn’t kindly disposed toward his client, but his career will be in jeopardy if he loses the case. The only way he can get her to even consider ruling in his client’s favour is to be completely subservient to her in the courtroom, even though it hurts his pride.

When the trial is adjourned for the day, he and Judge Anna lock the door to the courtroom and rip off each other’s clothes - and then Hans soothes his injured ego by proceeding to dominate the hell out of her on top of the judge’s bench.



Hans dies at sea, but returns in spirit form one last time to tell Anna how much he loves her before he moves on.

Her face is soaked with tears and they try to touch each other, but her hand goes right through his.

Hans dies at sea, but returns in spirit form one last time to tell Anna how much he loves her before he moves on.

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