Fan blog for Prince Hans Westergaard from Disney's Frozen. A compendium of fan art, fanfiction and other things related to the thirteenth prince of the Southern Isles. If you have anything you want to share or you just want to talk about this freckled ginger life-destroyer, hit up my ask/submit anytime.
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I want to sleep but it’s so frickin’ COLD in my house. I’ve turned up the heat and put an extra blanket on the bed, but it’s not helping.

Come on, Nordic blood. Do your magic.


I don’t draw Little!Ed enough

i wanna pinch his cheeks


These are some sketches of Hans I’ve been doing. I want to finish them, but it might be a while. 


fire!hans giving warm back massages i need to sit down for a minute excuse me






No, no, please keep drawing people. You’re very, very good at it.

*whispers* especially magical shoujo prince people without shirts on

· gdcee ·
❝ I think a lot of art is trying to make someone love you. ❞

- Keaton Henson (via hobbitscoot)

it would really be nice if my husband made an effort to understand my interests

if he, say, let me enjoy my fantasy/magical realist novels without wrinkling his nose at them and telling me I should read “good stuff” (defined as “the stuff he reads”)

and if he actually, you know, encouraged my fanfiction writing instead of telling me to ditch it and work only on my original material, even though I’ve told him that I enjoy writing fanfic and find that it *helps* me write original material

le sigh

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