Fan blog for Prince Hans Westergaard from Disney's Frozen. A compendium of fan art, fanfiction and other things related to the thirteenth prince of the Southern Isles. If you have anything you want to share or you just want to talk about this freckled ginger life-destroyer, hit up my ask/submit anytime.
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Exclusive new Hans arrivals to the Disney Store Frozen Shop

hurry before they sell out


One last prayer circle that Hans appears during Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party.



you want a man with a strong jawline so you have a sturdy place to sit


(three sentence meme) Hanna, Evil King!Hans AU, anything NSFW ;)


You’re nothing but a heartless murderer…" Hans mocked Anna as she squirmed in his arms - her back against his chest as Hans leaned back against the pillows, continuing his chiding speech; "no, your majesty, I don’t desire you in the least…" he pressed his lips to her ear, his wine-tinted breath hot as he whispered; "and yet, I catch you touching yourself on my bed…smelling my cravat…moaning my name…tell me, my love: what do you have to say for yourself?”

Anna’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment at his words and at the fact that she now found herself squirming for an entirely different reason - she hoped Hans wouldn’t catch on, but he noticed it immediately, punctuating his discovery with a deep chuckle as he continued in a low voice, “you think that you’re so clever - masking your desire with disdain…” - his skilled fingers pulled up her skirts and ghosted along her inner thighs, drawing ever closer to Anna’s most secret place - which was already wet and throbbing for him - as he purred; “but I know better.”

Anna found herself panting in anticipation, her thoughts a jumbled mess - torn between hate, curiosity, and desire - as Hans pressed his lips against her cheek; “you might as well stop pretending and confess it now, my reluctant darling…I know that you want me to kiss you…to touch you…to fuck you…” he finally brushed his fingers over her bare folds to emphasize the last statement, causing a ragged moan that Anna had been trying to keep bottled up to come out; “oh, yes, my king…” - she couldn’t lie to Hans or herself any longer - nor did she fight as Hans rolled her off of his lap and onto the bed cover, before pushing apart her legs and unbuttoning his trousers with a smug, lust-filled look of triumph upon his face; “I knew you’d come around, my queen…tonight, I will finally make you mine…all mine.”


Should’ve given her your jacket, Hans. 

If anybody feels like writing some fire!Hans, I would love to read it - even if it’s just a drabble.

are you wedded

I am wedded and bedded, but my husband is about to be beheaded.



Since I haven’t got new suggestions for pairings, I’ll fancy myself and draw mine >:)

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